MAP 2018 / The Great Up-North

Here's what a team looked like a few years ago! 

Standing in front of Hawes Cabin.

July 29-August 4 / $175 

It's Here / This summer, July 29-August 4 we will be traveling north to the upper part of the lower peninsula.  We will be staying in Hawes Cabin, a three story "cabin" on acres of land near Barton City, MI, very close to Camp Barakel.  Using this as our headquarters we will travel to a few local churches during the daytime hours and doing work projects or children's programming for them.  These projects are still in the works.  The ladies will probably be housed on the upper floor, and the gentlemen in the basement.

For Who? / This trip is for students going into 9th grade through 12th grade.  Please register below.  If you (our your student) is going to be in 8th grade and wants to go (and you are ok with them going) they can register below, and if there is room we will take them as well!  This will depend upon a few different factors.

COST / The cost of the trip will be $175 per student.  This will cover such things as gasoline, t-shirts, travel foods, groceries, special dinner out, educational supplies and an afternoon Kayak/Canoe trip in the great north on the AuSable.  If you are interested in a scholarship, please make that known on your application.  Here is a snapshot of the finances, it is just my initial budgeting.  It has been edited already, but might give you a hint into where the money comes from and goes.

Adult Supervision / as always we will have at least a 1/5 ratio of adult sponsors, having parents be a part!  As a parent, if you are interested in coming along please talk to Pastor Rick.  Last time we were at Hawes Cabin we had Rick and Katherine, Rochelle Hawes, Nick Gillette, Renee Hawes, (Levi and Robyn Lenz for a bit), and even Roy Hawes for a smidge.

Registration can be accomplished below.  If you do not plan on coming please let me know that too here.  Initial registrations should be made no later than June 1.  Please be prompt as it will make planning the trip much easier.

Payments should be made by July 15, 2018.  Please make your checks out to South Side Bible Church for $175 (with "MAP 2018" and "students name(s)" in the memo line), and give the checks DIRECTLY TO KATHERINE McNALLY.


Design the MAP shirt / Here's a contest where you can help design the MAP Shirt.  Send your sketches and ideas to mcnally.rick@gmail.comWe will have a few independent judges choose, or we will put it out for a vote to the participants!

Scholarships / Interested in helping a student afford the trip?  Please call or email Pastor Rick for more info.

Register Soon!

The Sooner the Better
Deadline, June 1
Get the Consent Form Done
Deadline, July 1
Pay for the Trip
Deadline, July 15

Or let me know you will not be going here.

  1. Cost, $175 per person

  2. Make Check Payable to South Side Bible Church

  3. Write "MAP 18" in the Memo Line with student's name

  4. GIVE CHECKS DIRECTLY TO Katherine McNally

Who is Registered to Go?

Let's take a peek on this handy dandy live interface!  Keep in mind that this is not everyone, and it does not show the complete list of sponsors, but these are the students who have signed up.  We will have 1/5 ratio of sponsors for each gender, and more than adequate supervision.  Keep a watch on this page for more info in the next few weeks.