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New York State of Mind

Today we drove into NYC. It took 1.5 hours for us to get there. We crossed the George Washington Bridge and went south to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We had to park the big vans down of 28th Street, some 60 blocks from the museum. This bothered mostly Pastor Paulo, Ken and I.

We spent about 3 hours in the museum and it was good! Most everyone seemed to enjoy this world class museum. We began our walk through Central Park and by the time we got to Belvedere Castle a few of our students were feeling the heat. We ended up cutting some of our walk short to care for those who were struggling with the 100f heat.

It was just a hot day, and that really effected the day.

It was a good day though, even if it was hard.

The kids are all having last minute snacks. Mrs. Dosh is spoiling them all right now by serving great food, again.

We are about to have our last devotional and our last worship time and then get to sleep. We are planning on leaving by about 7:30am tomorrow.

Love to all, thanks for the prayers. If I get a minute I'll try to send photos too.

Pastor Rick

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