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Whew. It's nearly 11pm. We all worked getting ready for the vbs all day! We worked hard all day. This morning we went to church and had a great time with the people here in New Jersey. After church we worked from 2-10pm getting ready for the vbs. By 3 or 4 we were despairing of life itself, and then by the end of the day I feel like we are actually almost ready. I have seen great things in the lives of these kids -- i've seen them happy, sad, tired, grouchy. I've watched them step up to the plate and be bold and prepare when they didn't want to (tired, scared, lazy). I am very proud of them tonight. Tomorrow we begin our very first day of vbs with kids. They are ready!!!

Pictures and a report coming soon. I'm sorry. We were so busy I couldn't write a proper note, I am typing this from the foyer of the church where the guys are sleeping. 2-3 are already out. Two are in the next room sleeping. One is showering. Lights out in minutes. Love to all in Christ. Pastor Rick

This is Waffleton. He is one of our mascots.

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