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Tuesday / Growing In Grace

Well, day two is here and almost gone. We had a good, good day. Everything was about the same as yesterday, but the students were more comfortable! So, it was great.

This morning right before we split into groups a mama bear and three cubs walked through the field near the church. Real cool. We slightly freaked! The bears went back into the woods and we kept the kids from out of the nearby field and did games closer to the church.

We closed vacation bible school with an a capella song and it sounded quite nice.

After a great lunch we had a little bit of free time, did personal devotions, and then departed for Highpoint State Park. There we did a little bit of swimming, link tag, some did a little bit of hiking, meeting up at the top of a hill at the obelisk. We spent quite a bit of time just talking and taking pictures.

Now we're sitting in the church fellowship hall typing this blog, and the students are chilling out. Tonight we're going to practice our music and drama for tomorrow and all the other aspects, have a devo, and go to bed.

We have set up foosball and ping pong tournaments, and will determine champions soon.

See you tomorrow!

Pastor Rick

On behalf of the MAP 21 Team


It's complicated.

Syanna, Molly, Ellie, Josh (Snoozie, Tinker Thinker, Oily Goily, AKA Josh)

It's great. Apparently I've never been on live television before. Are you actually writing that?

Jessica Halder (Gummy Worm)

My week has been (clap) um, it's been better than I could ever have expected, its been refreshing and super cool to hang out with everyone (mutters a lot of stuff that I was too l was too slow to write down), and I needwanthave to will fall down and go to sleep./

Eliza Lake (Mighty Mouse)


Joey (Mr. Fantastic)

Whoops, suppers ready, blog done...

Pastor Rick (Padre)

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