Jim and Janice Dahl

WorldVenture / The Netherlands


Teaching at Tyndale Theological Semenary in Europe, loacaed in Amsterdam, the Dahls are serving the Lord through providing Theological Education to many around our globe.


Tyndale Website is here.


Contact the Dahl's here.



Lauren Dahl, Jim Dahl, Janice Dahl, and Allie Dahl


Sheldon and Vicki Rhodes

Jest Kidding


Serving in Michigan as a Christian Magician, Sheldon has now ministered in all 50 states.  He brings the gospel to children and adults alike through a mix of tricks and fun.


JestKidding website is here.


Contact the Rhodes' here.




Al and Chris Ross

RBM Ministries / Albion Michigan


Al has been serving children's ministries for many years, putting on hundreds of summer VBS programs throughout the area, as well as weekly Released Time Classes during the school year at local schools.


RBM Ministries website is here.


Contact the Ross' here.



Keith and Celeste Small

Avant Ministries / London


Keith has carved a special niche as a scholar of the Bible and the Quran, putting him in a very interesting position in ministry to the muslim community.


Avant website is here.


Contact the Small's here.




Melissa Moskowitz

Jews for Jesus / Los Angeles


Melissa has been a part of Jews for Jesus since 1975. She continues to serve at Jews for Jesus in various ways.


Jews for Jesus website is here.




Mel & Deanna Ferguson

SAM / Goshen, Indiana


Mel and Deanna Ferguson served South American Missions for many years as church planters and leadership trainers.  Now they are retired, and continuing to serve the local church.


Contact Mel & Deanna here.




Rob & Debbie King

Biblical Ministries Worldwide / Georgia


Rob serves at the HQ of Biblical Ministries Worldwide, his duties revovle around Missionary Services, airport transportation, grounds and maintenence.  Both Rob and Debbie serve as hosts of the guest home.  Debbie works as the receptionist and in donor services.


BMW website is here.


Contact the Kings here.



Other Missionary Friends

Levi & Robyn Lenz

New Tribes / Papua New Guinea


Levi and Robyn serve the North Wahgi people group in PNG.  Scripture translation, Biblical instruction, literacy, and church planting.


New Tribes website is here.


Lenz blog is here.


Contact the Lenz's here.



Jonathan Weaver

Flying Mission / Zambia


Jonathan serves in Zambia with Flying Mission, as a missionary pilot.  He also is currently the lead technician at his organizations hanger in Zambia.  He also serves locally hosting a Bible study with local boys.


Flying Mission website is here.


Jonathan's blog is here.


Jonathan's Facebook page here.


Contact the Jonathan here.




Mike and Heather Goy

Camp Barakel, Fairview Michigan


Mike and Heather Goy began their service at Camp Barakel this summer.  Mike serves as the manager of the East Side dining room, managing menus, supplies, and volunteers.  Mike also helps disciple younger part-time staffers.


Barakel website is here.

The Goy's Blog is here.


Contact the Goys via email here.