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Friday? Already????

Super sorry I haven't put out any updates. Things have been very busy the last few days.

Day three and four of the vbs went swimmingly. It was a good and great success. The adults, teens and kids who came were all encouraged and had a great time with each other.

There has been a bit of emotional drama, mostly on the ladies floor. The guys have been pretty chill all week. A few of the girls had some emotional evenings. Some sad. Some thought there was a "bad vibe," etc. Some thought that it might be spiritual warfare.

I had a talk with the whole group about this and told them that this could be one of a few different things; (1) spiritual warfare, (2) emotions and exhaustion or (3) the Lord putting his hand on someone convicting them. So we prayed as a group on Wednesday night before bed and I told them that Light overcomes Darkness and that they could trust the Lord. There are many times in scripture where trust in God in scary times is expressed.

If I had to guess, or the other adults on the trip, it seems like it is a combination of weariness and the Lord trying to speak to some people. But I cannot say for sure.

Truthfully, every day is a battle. There is evil all around us and often from within. Our flesh battles the Lord and does so constantly. It takes our constant vigilance.

Beyond this most everything has been pretty smooth. There are many stories of God helping us to do our work and do it well.

The Pastor at the church and his wife are very pleased with our ministry. I'll try to get him to write for me a blog for tonight or tomorrow morning, so you might hear from his perspective by tomorrow. I'll also try to post a block of photos later today too.

Right now we are franticly cleaning the church before we leave for the day to NYC. Our plan is to go to Central Park and spend some time wandering there and also go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is a world class museum located in Central Park, Manhattan, New York.

Please pray that this last day will be one that will cement the lessons of this week in the hearts of the students.

I'm so sorry the channel went dark for a bit. We were just really busy trying to finish up well the VBS and spend time together.

Thanks for reading!

In Christ,

Pastor Rick

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