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The Re-Typed Missing Text

Well, I just typed a huge update and it disappeared. Boo.

Here we go again.

We had an amazing first day.

  • We greeted the students with happy faces.

  • Our amazing worship team had four wonderful songs and the kids were excited and thrilled with singing and worship.

  • Our drama team (Joey, Josh, Syanna and Brian) gave us an amazing science experiment. They were able to turn a tiny acorn into a living breathing huge acorn that could talk. Amazing.

  • Ken Gordon was our MC for the VBS!

  • Eliza Lake and Grace Baize worked up motions to our key verse of the week and taught the kids the verse in a dramatic way.

  • Pastor Rick (that's me) gave a group devotional and we split into groups for rotations!

  • The kids went to Recreation Games, Snack/Craft, and small group lessons. Most of the kids were in one of these three groups doing something for a good hour and a half.

  • We closed out our vbs with a song or two and some announcements, everybody loves announcements.

As I type the drama team is practicing again (Joey, Ken, Jeremiah, Lucia). Sam and Josh are fixing a prop from yesterday.

I can't tell how proud I am of these students. Today's VBS when as well or better than any group of adults could have done. Seriously. Superfine!!

Pastor Rick McNally (Padre)

For the MAP '21 Team


It's been busy here but at the same time it been fun with all the busyness. Grace Baize (Crazy Daisy)

Its' been going good, but every time I lie down at night my stomach growls 'cuz I'm so hungry. I don't know why, 'cuz I just ate.

Caroline Bates [growl....] (Blue Bearry)

It's been hot outside, but I'm hotter...

Anna Perse-Hanson (Anime)

It sorta feels like home here. I've gotten closer to a lot of people!!

Lucia Frescura (Ping Pong)

I'd just say it's been incredible to see everybody bring their talents and gifts together to make the event happen. The kids were thoroughly engaged with the skits, the music, the activities. The group has been amazing.

Ken Gordon (Gandalf)

It's loud, but that's fine. It's just really fun! Like, REALLY fun. Also... Friends!!!!!!!!

Syanna Hoehner (Snoozy)


Pastor Rick (Padre)

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